An Apology

I would like to apologize to the few who happen to read this blog with any regularity. Since I launched the blog back in November, I haven’t been able to move forward and produce the kind of content that I really wanted to.

My basic plan for this website since day one was to establish a meaningful, ideologically powerful, and consistent worldview that was nevertheless simple and approachable. It was, and still is, my hope to use this basic structure to deal with many of the more pressing problems of our own day to provide a moderating and reasonable perspective that can reach most viewpoints. I sincerely believe that the most pressing and widest divides of our time come far less from fundamental differences, and far more from systematically bad reasoning and an inability and unwillingness to understand the viewpoints of others. In many cases I believe that what individuals end up advocating is actually in direct contradiction to what they are looking to achieve; instead they are entangled in worldviews that are difficult to implement at best, and dangerous at worst.

I have thusfar failed to make the steps necessary to achieve the goals outlined above, or to attract any substantial readership such that the message I am attempting to promote can even be heard. No one is to blame for this other than myself, and I am committing myself to doing better in future.

For the foreseeable future I intend to release at least one article a week, and to begin to address certain contemporary events. Further I will be addressing broader contemporary ideologies while trying to put forward a broad platform that might be able to preserve the positive aspects of these viewpoints.

I am sorry for not producing the quantity and quality of material that I had hoped for by this time in the blog’s lifespan, but I am quite excited for developments in the coming weeks. Further, I would encourage any readers to provide constructive criticism of the blog as it stands, or let me know what you would like me to focus upon in subsequent articles. You can reach me at 

-Neon Polydamas

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