How the West Won Master List


    Summary: This is a series about the impact that the dominance of Western Civilization has had upon the world in the last several centuries. This includes a long history of colonization, cultural development, and  military action. This article gives an extremely broad introduction to the history of the West. After centuries of being relatively undeveloped compared to the rest of the world, in the last several centuries the West became the supreme power in the world, colonizing, influencing, and far surpassing the rest of it in terms of prosperity.


    Summary: The history of Western Nations includes a variety of extremely heinous crimes. These crimes includes mass slavery, conquest, legal racism, reigns of terror, and actions that violated the stated beliefs of the United States and many Western European countries. The West consistently abused its power over conquered peoples, and the complete death toll is staggering. Even today the legacy the West left behind is responsible for much that is wrong with our world.


    Summary:  The world the West conquered had a long history of brutality. Exploitation, slavery, violence, and empire all have a long history that extends far further back than the European empires of recent memory. In this respect the West is not especially unique in its actions, it is just another step in a long line of such atrocities.


    Summary: In previous articles I have established the fact that the nations which make up the “West” have done a great deal of damage to the world, causing mass suffering and violating their own ideals. At the same time, however, the West is by no means unique in this respect, often simply doing on a larger scale what humans have always done to one another. In this article, I discuss the ways that the West is unique in a positive sense. Among the achievements that I list include the Enlightenment ideals of individual rights and a benevolent government, abolishing slavery, and achieving a level of scientific and productive development upon a mass scale that is beneficial to all people.

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