Power Doctrines Master List

  1. https://individualistthought.com/2016/11/18/power-doctrines-i-what-are-power-doctrines-social-philosophical/

    Summary: Power doctrines are beliefs that utilize power analysis. Power analysis reduces society into two groups based upon an unequal distribution of “power”. The choice of what defines power is often arbitrary. From there, the whole social system is demonized, with most of the negative actions of the unempowered group being excused, and most behavior of the more powerful group being vilified. Power analysis adds nothing to a doctrine in terms of offering solutions. Instead it serves as a rhetorical strategy to add to a position’s credibility. Indeed, the method itself is usually intellectually bankrupt, and precisely why this is so shall be outlined elsewhere.

  2. https://individualistthought.com/2016/12/14/power-doctrines-ii-the-problem-with-power-doctrines/

    Summary: Power doctrines are deeply flawed in a number of ways. They inherently obscure reality through the collectivism. The most negative aspect of power doctrines, however, is that they have a high probability of hampering intellectual discussion by silencing critics of the power doctrine as vulgar defenders of the oppressive class. In effect, power doctrines can turn political discussion into ad hominem arguments by making identity far more important than facts about real world problems and their solutions. Additionally, power doctrines make liberal societies appear far more brutal than they really are and take away from an individualistic conception of ethics and personal responsibility.

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