This is a blog primarily concerned with approaching social and political thought in logical manner. I believe that the quality of modern discussion on these topics has hit an abysmal low, and this is my attempt to help rectify this. I therefore spend a decent amount of time talking about applying logic to political conversation, and establishing terms that can serve as the basis for political conversation. I will occasionally post about other things, particularly economics. The tone of this blog is intentionally rather impartial and reasonable so that hopefully readers will not feel attacked and will (hopefully) see an example of rather unbiased reasoning. Articles are usually intentionally rather short and simple relative to the subject material precisely to make them more approachable and understandable. This often means that subjects are parceled into several series of articles. This is generally easier to read and understand than just one or two very long articles.

For a slightly more in depth  description of my blog, see my introduction:


Oh, and as for my username, it comes from ancient Greek mythology. Referencing Greek mythology is a sure way to demonstrate that you are well read and very smart. Polydamas was an adviser to prince Hector of Troy. Polydamas was known for giving good advice. He was often ignored with disastrous consequences.